Blackdown Tablelands Camping

What a fabulous weekend! There is nothing quite like getting out and about with a bunch of like minded people, all there to have fun and capture a little of the world around us photographically.

In an action-packed, fun-filled weekend we did nearly every walk at Blackdown Tablelands, conquered the 4WD Loop Road in time for a gorgeous sunset at Horseshoe Lookout and followed it up with laughs around the campfire until midnight (thanks Charles) which admittedly put paid to the planned sunrise shoot Sunday morning! Only the intrepid Dean managed to wake up in time for that one, but I reckon that was mainly due to his own personal little Aussie alarm clock.

Knowledge was shared, knees were jellied, clutches were left behind, the weather was beautiful and all in all, everyone had a terrific time. We even managed to get some photography in; some of those gorgeous images are showcased in the gallery below. Join us on our next outing, where there’ll be guaranteed fun to be had!

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