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Faces of... Personalities in Print

The Faces of... project is celebration of our community, our unsung heroes, our everyday people who support our region and the people within it. We are surrounded by individuals who make the world a better place simply by being who they are and doing what they do, often without recognition and usually without thinking that what they do is anything special. These are the people that our communities can never do without, the people who make us feel a sense of connection, the people who drive the fundraisers, the people who contribute to our clubs and organisations, the people who mow the lawns and cook the sausage sizzles, put up the lights, grow stuff, teach us, inspire us, feed us, fix stuff, show us how to be better, and are always there for us.


 #thankyou   #tribe

Each image was printed inventively and creatively, with media including light-as-a-feather chiffon gauze, jigsaws puzzles, marble coasters, tea towels, laser-cut 3D crystal, wrapping paper, wood prints, acrylic, aluminium, reflective vinyl, bar mat, light box, and a vintage car bonnet!


The resulting gallery exhibition was jaw droppingly awesome, with over 100 attendees on the opening night. We lost track of the number of times we heard "I didn't know you could do that!" That evening the images were also displayed larger than life on the exterior wall of the Emerald Art Gallery, and the resulting display was then filmed in turn by drone, courtesy of one of our junior members, Kynan Shields.

The project was a tremendous success, introducing our members and guests to new and innovative ways in which to print their excellent photography. Our exhibitors were blown away with how incredible their work looked, printed large and on display in such a terrific space.

Emerald Photographic Club Inc. would like to thank the following photographers for their contributions:

Aaron Kirk

Allanah Loch

Anna-Jane Moore

Barbara Beazley

Brenda Rogash

Charles Loch

Glen Wright

Karen Galea

Kerrie Ingram

Kym Hellmuth

Meghan Swift

Nicole Mittan

Pam Bartlett-Munt

Samantha Munt

Satit Putarakkit

Valerie Korn

Zoe Knight

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to the wonderful community members who graciously agreed to be photographed and are now part of our #tribe:

Ted Peters

Ben Chalmers

John Gordon

Anna Farquhar

John and Annie Gronbek

Petra Mikl

Ann Little

Gloria Clein

Chris Sullivan

Nathan Nicholson

Bryce Loch

Lissy Loushay

Kate Hume

Mark Galea

Tim Ah Sam

Beau Ingram

Jazzy Walters

Katie Jones

Kerry Turner

Paul Ryan

Madonna Drummond

Justin Howard

Kylie Pickering

Charlie Howard

Tahlia Pickering

Selwyn Nutley

June Ryan

Conrad Booth

John Munt

Charles Loch

Meghan Swift

Aaron Kirk

Pam Bartlett-Munt

Justin Comiskey

Daniel Putarakkit

Tex Emery

Axel Knight

Stanley Knight

Exhibition Opening Night

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Central Highlands Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. 

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