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Our wonderful conference kicked off with a fabulous photography competition and exhibition that attracted well over 100 entries in five categories - Fine Art, Creative, Night Photography, Panorama, and Traditions and Cultures. The competition had both Open and Youth sections, with First and Second prizes in each, and Grand Champion and Reserve Champion in Open and Youth sections as well. The total prize pool was $3000.

Emerald Photographic Club Inc. would like to sincerely thank all those who made this exciting exhibition possible.

The club received generous sponsorship from our partners Suez and Ensham Resources, and also received grants and funding from the Central Highlands Regional Council and Queensland Government through the RADF Partnership which is so important to the arts in rural and regional areas.

We would like to thank our judge, Alessandro Petrini, who travelled from Italy to be with us, judge our competition, and be involved with the Gems of the Outback conference.

We were honoured that our other visiting dignitaries, photographic legends Steve Parish and Ken Drake, also joined us at the official opening.

Most importantly however, is the incredible support received from our members and artists of Central Queensland. We were extremely impressed by the willingness of our friends who challenged themselves to put their images on display in this competition and exhibition. For many of these photographers it was the first time they had exhibited their works in a formal gallery environment; for many, it won’t be the last.

As you can see from the imagery presented, there are numerous talented photographers and artists within our community. Sometimes it takes just a little encouragement to give them the courage to believe in themselves.

EPC takes pride in sharing knowledge, encouraging expression, and helping each person grow into their creative best. We usually manage to have a great deal of fun while doing so!

Thank you, everyone.

The Exhibition

The Winners

Softly Flying - Rex Boggs
Love Rekindled - Sharyn Moodie
Flowers - Samantha Munt
Stonehenge - Beau Ingram
Sabotage - Glen Wright
Prof Ella Buckly Mundy II - PamB
Sono Casa - Samantha Munt
Marble Effect - Samantha Munt
Stars at Scrammy - Pam Bartlett-Munt
Melbourne at Night - Rex Boggs
Twinkling in the Night-Samantha Munt
Whoa! - Samantha Munt
WorkingAroundtheClock - Meghan Swift
Mountain Reflections - Amy Flower
Serenity - Samantha Munt
The Emerald Dome - Samantha Munt
Lifeline - Barbara Beazley
The Novice - Pam Bartlett-Munt
We Will Remember Them -Samantha Munt
Cattle Trucks - Beau Ingram
Softly Flying - Rex Boggs
Sabotage - Glen Wright
Serenity - Samantha Munt
Sono Casa - Samantha Munt

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Central Highlands Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. 

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